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Eastminster offers 7 classrooms for ages 10 months – 9 years. Classrooms are staffed with highly qualified, experienced adults who provide age-appropriate activities and materials in order to enhance all areas of development: social-emotional, physical, and cognitive. In addition, adults provide support, expand play, help children resolve conflicts in a positive non-violent manner, and serve as models for appropriate behavior and language. Each classroom offers low adult/child ratios in order to provide appropriate supervision and individual attention to each child.

Preschool I ratio for the Starfish and Pandas classrooms is 1 adult to 4 children.

Preschool I ratio for the Penguin and Hippo classrooms is 1 adult to 8 children.

Preschool II ratio for the Geckos and Zebras classroom is 1 adult to 9.5 children.

The Frog classroom provides before and after school care for children in kindergarten through fifth grade. During the summer months, the classroom offers full day summer camp care for school aged children.