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Parent Testimonials

Parents are an integral part of the program at Eastminster. We believe that on-going communication between parents, staff and administration is necessary to provide a variety of opportunities for parent involvement including: field trips, potlucks and festivals, and home visits, as well as fundraisers and center-wide special events. Communication also takes place through the Brightwheel app, newsletters, parent-teacher conferences, signs posted throughout the center, Facebook, our website and daily communication between staff and parents. Parents who wish to be more involved in center operations are given the opportunity to run for the Board of Directors.


Initially, our family chose Eastminster because it was a nonprofit, which was cool and aligned with our values. Since we started attending in 2015, we have been consistently impressed by the level of care that our kids receive. When I heard teachers saying hello to my kids by name – before they were even in their class or grade-level! – I knew that the staff cared for and protected all of the Center’s kids. This place, this community, is special because of its people.

Harris Family


Eastminster Child Development Center is a wonderful resource in our community! As an elementary school teacher, I can tell you that students who go through the ECDC Preschool Program are always well prepared to begin Kindergarten! The staff uses a research-based curriculum that aligns with the programming used in kindergarten classrooms, like Zoo Phonics. They are also using social tools, like “Bucket Filling” and visual feeling charts to help students learn about their emotions and how their role in a classroom also impacts others around them. 

As a mom of two children who have attended the Preschool program, I can tell you that ECDC has been a wonderful contribution to the development of my children. The incredible relationships that the staff members make with the children is welcoming and encouraging to both children and parents. As they work to get to know each child individually, they steer them towards their interests as well as invite them to try new experiences. The outstanding projects and creative classroom environments that they create allow students to experience new information in incredible ways that stays with them well beyond their preschool years. 

Eastminster Child Development Center offers an amazing preschool experience in our community that allows young learners to have a powerful start to their social, emotional, and academic growth at one of the most crucial times in a young child’s developmental stages. 

Julie Haskell


I can’t say enough good things about Eastminster Child Care center. My oldest daughter was a gecko & now her younger sister is following in her footsteps. From the front office staff to the educators & everyone inbetween I know my children are/were loved, cared for & given the best first stepping stone to their educational journey. 

Beth Read 
When I toured Eastminster Child Development Center, I knew this was the place I wanted my children to grow and learn. What I saw then, and what I see now, is an environment that cultures children to thrive. 
All of the teachers are incredible. Whether they are my child’s teacher or not, each teacher has taken time to get to know my children and our family. The teachers engaging and creative lessons plans show how invested they are in each child’s success. They post regular pictures via an app where I get to see throughout the day what my child is learning and how they are staying active. Recently, we welcomed a new baby to our family and the entire staff has helped the kids maintain normalcy with their support and care. 
My two oldest children started in the middle of the unprecedented pandemic and I’ve been very impressed with how the center and staff have handled the situation. ECDC has proven the health and safety of both staff and children is a priority through all the measures they have taken including lots of hand washing, extra cleaning, and masks. 
My four year and two year old have both grown so much in the short, less than a year’s time, they have spent at ECDC. My oldest, who is in a preschool room, can now write letters, learned some basic math, did science experiments, and has learned about different cultures and ethnicities. My younger one, who is in a toddler room, knows colors and is beginning to learn letters by recognition. She comes home singing a new song on a regular basis too. Both kids get to color, paint, and draw on a daily basis and I love seeing their creations come home. 
All in all, I cannot recommend Eastminster Child Development Center enough. As a parent who previously worked in childcare, I can say for certain they meet and exceed all the standards. And I cannot wait to see how much my children learn and grow over the next few years at ECDC.